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Nickel 201 Flanges

Nickel 201 Flanges
Nickel 201 Flanges
Product Code : Nickel 200 Flanges
Product Description
Nickel 201 Flanges

We specialized in nickel alloys with our large stock of various alloys, we can process your most demanding request. Nickel alloys is versatile, highly corrosion resistant element that will alloy with most metals. Due to its corrosion resistance, Nickel Alloys are used to maintain product purity in the processing of foods and synthetic fibers. It is highly resistant to various reducing chemicals and is unexcelled in resistance to caustic alkalies. In addition, nickel has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties. Relatively high thermal conductivity of this metal has lead to its frequent use for heat exchangers.

Nickel 201 Flanges is sleeved into plastic bag individually, ten pieces wrapped with water-proof material, bundled with nylon rope. Clear labels are tagged on the outside of the package for easy identification of the quantity and product I.D. Great care is taken during operation and transportation.

Each case or box is always including the relevant packing list and a copy of the certificate 3.1 on request. Original documents are sent separately by parcel service.

Prevent any damage.
During transportation items are tagged, packed in plastic bags and closed in carton boxes or seaworthy wooden cases.

Nickel 201 Flanges, flange, elbow, tee, reduction, caps, forged fitting materials for oil and natural gas pipelines, refinery and petro chemistry facilities, nuclear power and electricity production plants, refinement and extrication plants, dams and hydroelectric power plants and shipbuilding industry. Ashtapad Overseas is a largest manufacturer, supplier & exporter of pipe fitting pieces and fabrication since the company’s superior technology in world standards and quality. We are recognized and revered worldwide as the most qualified and capable manufacturer & supplier of small to medium size stainless, carbon and alloy tubing, pipe, pipe fittings & Nickel 200/201 Flanges

In what applications is Nickel used ?

    Chemical and petrochemical processing
    Processing equipment for maintaining product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers and alkalies.

What are the characteristics of Nickel ?

    Corrosion resistance
    High Electrical conductivity
    High temperature resistance.